Huntsman and Dogs, 1891 by Winslow Homer

A rugged young hunter pauses after a successful deer hunt as his dogs bark and jump around him excitedly. He stands motionless, his serious gaze turned downward and his bent leg resting on the root of a large, sawed-off tree stump. A deerskin and rifle are slung over his shoulders, and antlers dangle from one hand. His hunting skills are key to his survival because he will sell the skin and antlers. This somber scene is set in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The sky is gray and overcast, with just a hint of sun and blue sky shining through the clouds. The distant mountains look cold and dark, and the oranges, yellows, and golds of autumn in the nearby trees and underbrush are fading to wintry browns. The only living creatures in this lonely landscape are the huntsman and his dogs.